Editor's note: Fox News Opinion has invited every candidate who has officially announced their intention to seek their Party's nomination to submit an op-ed making their case to the American people. 

America is the greatest nation in human history. Belief in Liberty, limited government, and sound money made us the freest and most prosperous people in the world.

But we have strayed far from our founding principles, and America now faces unprecedented challenges. Two trillion dollar deficits, soaring inflation, disregard for civil liberties, and an ever-growing federal bureaucracy threaten the very fabric of our country and the futures of our children and grandchildren.

We are spending ourselves into oblivion. The out of control Federal Reserve is destroying our dollar. Big government is undermining our personal freedoms. And, our foreign policy has us playing world’s policeman -- straining our military, draining our resources, and making us more vulnerable.

Congressman Ron Paul has been leading the fight against these problems for decades. And, he has consistently confronted these challenges with common-sense solutions: real spending cuts and adherence to the Constitution.

Ron Paul’s record of principled leadership is unparalleled. He has always fought for America’s constitutional values, even when it required him to stand alone in Congress, and no other leader in this country has a track record to match.

Dr. Paul had the vision to see where big government ideas would take us,as well as the courage to speak out when others refused to acknowledge what was coming. He predicted the housing bubble and the financial crisis and knows that these problems, caused by excessive spending and artificial credit, will not be solved by more of the same. As president of the United States, Ron Paul will have the strength and integrity to make the hard choices it will take to fix our country.

Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who would cut enough spending to avert a debt crisis. Only he will restore constitutionally sound money. And, only he will strengthen our national defense by bringing our troops home and putting an end to the nation-building that is draining our country.

Americans are sick and tired of politicians who say one thing, do another, and conveniently switch their stands in time to run for higher office. Many candidates will give lip service to the problems we face, but when the rubber meets the road, how can we trust them to follow through?

America needs a president we can believe in. Dr. Paul’s unimpeachable integrity stands alone in a political environment crowded with opportunists and Johnny-come-latelies.

In these trying times, America needs the leadership that only Ron Paul can provide. America has moved far away from her traditions. We need a true statesman to lead us back to our roots and restore our Liberty.

Ron Paul is that man, and now is the time to take action. I hope America will join me in supporting Ron Paul for President of the United States in 2012.

Jesse Benton is political director for Congressman Ron Paul.