The 2014 New York City terror attack that dare not speak its name

Mark the date: Oct. 23, 2014. It was the end of an era that began on Sept. 12, 2001. In the intervening 13 years, one month and 11 days, New York City did not suffer a successful terrorist attack. But that holiday from horror, hard-earned by local law enforcement and America’s military, is over.

It ended in blood when Muslim convert Zale Thompson pulled out a hatchet and attacked four cops in Queens. Two were injured, one of them seriously, with the hatchet slashing the skull of rookie cop Kenneth Healey.

Thompson’s hatred for white people and cops is now being emphasized, but his Internet rants made his motives clear. He was a jihadist, radicalized by the butchers of the Islamic State, and he fulfilled their call to strike Americans at home, especially law-enforcement officers.

He died a martyr to their sick cause. Cue the virgins.

There is, of course, no comparison to the scale of terror on 9/11 and what happened last Thursday. Rather, the point is that a vital security barrier has been breached, yet City Hall and the NYPD seem determined to ignore the significance. So far, they are sticking to a politically correct view of the facts.

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