Taya Kyle: A movie to watch, remember and learn from about what it really means to serve

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I know the heart of the man who wrote and directed the new movie "Thank You for Your Service." Jason Hall wrote the screenplay for "American Sniper," the film about my husband, Chris Kyle.

In "Thank You for Your Service" Jason is sharing more stories of real lives in the military.

He is sharing a life of service with all of us. It is helping to heal service members who need to connect and understand they are not alone.

Jason turned in the rough draft of the screenplay for "American Sniper" the day before Chris was murdered.

We don't all have to be boots on the ground to serve. When we each bring our talents to give back, the country thrives.

The week after Chris and his friend Chad Littlefield were buried, Jason and I began our work.

He spent hundreds of hours with me on the phone -- at all hours -- as I was making my way through the loss of Chris.

Many times the conversations about our lives and the movie were squeezed in between kids' activities or after the kids were in bed and the work for the day could be set aside.

Jason's wife was amazing in understanding the toll and timing of working through this widow's intense grief while multiple projects were looming and my kids and their pain were still my first priority.

I know Jason's dedication to detail in getting a story right.

I have experienced the sacrifices he is willing to make to honor raw vulnerability and strength as he brings real lives to the screen.

This movie is aptly named for a man who is clearly experiencing his own years of service as he gives his huge Thank You For Your Service with this film.

This is his thank you, and it can be ours, too, as we watch, remember and learn about what it is to serve.

This movie is for our men and women in uniform and a tribute to the families who love them.

It is for all citizens and those internationally who respect the heart of Americans who will die for each other, die for our allies and the freedom we value for all people.

I humbly and publicly say to you, Jason, thank you for bringing your gifts to the table and finding your own way to serve this country.

We don't all have to be boots on the ground to serve.

When we each bring our talents to give back, the country thrives.

So, Jason, from me to you and your family, who spent many hours away from you -- their treasured father and husband -- as you made this movie, thank you for your service, too.