SEAN HANNITY: Trump must ignore media, Hollywood haters and listen to backers

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Ever since the election night, the press has been looking for excuses and explanations as to how they got the outcome so wrong and why their anointed candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost.

The latest pathetic attempt from the blatantly biased media is to blame President-elect Donald Trump's victory on fake news stories. CNN, MSNBC and NBC all suggested in recent days that Trump won and Clinton lost because voters were tricked by phony online stories.

“Did the spread of fake news on the Web help elect Donald Trump?” CNN’s Brian Stelter mused Saturday. “We may never know for sure. But researchers are asking the question because made-up false stories are polluting people's Facebook timelines and Twitter streams.”


And on NBC’s “Today” show las week, correspondents cited “growing concern these fake stories may have had real influence on voters.”

During the campaign, fake news stories were posted about both candidates, but naturally the all-knowing media suspects it helped Trump, because, apparently, his supporters were more easily duped.

This is the same media that was caught colluding with Hillary Clinton's campaign. So what we're seeing here is the mainstream media is either so completely out of touch that they can't see why you, the American people, voted for Donald Trump, or they simply just refuse to tell the truth about what happened.

We're also seeing a similar backlash coming from celebrities. Over the weekend, Vice President-elect Mike Pence right here in New York City, he attended the Broadway musical "Hamilton," where he was booed by the crowd and then verbally attacked by the cast from on stage.

Trump took to Twitter to defend Pence, and justifiably demanded an apology. But the media only focused on Trump's response and ignored the incredibly rude and disrespectful attacks on Pence.

That's not all. At the American Music Awards Sunday, the band Green Day, in what looked like a desperate attempt to try and become relevant again, used their performance to lash out at Trump.

“No KKK, no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” they sang.

And at the same awards show, one of the event's co-hosts, model Gigi Hadid, mocked future first lady Melania Trump.

These nasty attacks from the alt-radical left are unfortunately just the beginning. Let's face it, there's going to be a continuous onslaught of vile, divisive rhetoric coming from the left.

So with that in mind, here's my advice unsolicited for Trump and Pence: Ignore it. Keep focusing on the promises you made to what I call the forgotten men and women in this election.

That means repeal and replace ObamaCare, lower taxes, repatriate corporate profits -- especially in inner cities -- build a border wall as promised, appoint originalist justices to the Supreme Court, fix the inner cities, education, energy independence, drain the swamp, identify our enemies for who they really are, say "radical Islam," vet those refugees from countries with values and cultures that contradict our constitutional values, negotiate free and fair trade.

Ignore the haters and remember the forgotten men and women. They're the ones who voted.

Adapted from Sean Hannity’s monologue on Nov. 21 airing of “Hannity.”