Samantha Bee hits Ivanka Trump with a filthy sexist attack -- The silence on the left is deafening

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In her show “Full Frontal” on TBS Wednesday, Trump-hating left-wing comedian Samantha Bee used an obscene and sexist term in a disgusting attack on President Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka, calling her a “feckless c---.”

This comes on the heels of ABC cancelling the hit show “Roseanne” this week after Roseanne Barr tweeted out a disgusting racist rant about Valerie Jarrett, an African-American woman who served as senior White House aide to former President Obama.

While no one at TBS is talking about Bee losing her job, she got enough criticism to prompt her to back down Thursday afternoon, tweeting: “I would like to sincerely apologize to Ivanka Trump and my viewers for using an expletive on my show to describe her last night. It was inappropriate and inexcusable. I crossed a line, and I deeply regret it.”

Let’s be clear: There is absolutely no excuse for Barr’s racism. But in exactly the same way, there is absolutely no excuse for Bee’s sexist tirade against Ivanka Trump. Just because she’s a woman, Bee shouldn’t get a pass on using a term that has long been used to demean and insult women, characterizing us as stupid sex objects.

"If Bee had directed such vulgar insults at the female members of the Obama family I’d condemn them as well. Every woman – and man, for that matter – should. But why is it perfectly OK to throw the same insult at Ivanka Trump?"

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called on TBS and Time Warner (the parent company of TBS as well as CNN) on Thursday to take action, saying: “The language used by Samantha Bee last night is vile and vicious. The collective silence by the left and its media allies is appalling.”

Sanders added of Bee: “Her disgusting comments and show are not fit for broadcast, and executives at Time Warner and TBS must demonstrate that such explicit profanity about female members of this administration will not be condoned on its network.”

What prompted Bee’s vulgar attack? Ivanka Trump had tweeted out a photo of herself with her young son. As if no mother had ever proudly shared a photo of her beloved child with others. 

Bee said on her show: “You know, Ivanka, that’s a beautiful photo of you and your child, but let me just say, one mother to another, do something about your dad’s immigration practices, you feckless c---!” Only Bee used the full word.

And then, to pile on even more vulgarity, Bee said, addressing Ivanka: “He (the president) listens to you! Put on something tight and low cut and tell your father to f------ stop it.” And she used the full obscene word, uncensored, here as well.

This was another convenient opportunity for Bee to attack the current law that’s made headlines recently allowing immigrant kids brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents to be separated from their parents at the border.

I don’t recall Bee’s outrage at the law when President Obama was in office, nor do I recall her making obscene sexist comments about Michelle Obama or the two Obama daughters at the time.

If Bee had directed such vulgar insults at the female members of the Obama family I’d condemn them as well. Every woman – and man, for that matter – should. But why is it perfectly OK to throw the same insult at Ivanka Trump?

Nor did Bee have any harsh words for the last administration when Democrats mistakenly tweeted out photos of children being kept in cages at the border, thinking they were current photos, only to realize they were from President Obama’s time in office.

However, when Bee saw an opportunity she gladly took the chance to go after Ivanka Trump over a sweet mother and son moment captured on camera, proving there is no gutter too filthy for her to venture into.

What a difference in how Roseanne Barr – a supporter of President Trump – was treated for an inexcusable racist insult directed at another woman.

It took ABC only hours to make the call to cancel Barr’s hit show after she tweeted about Valerie Jarrett, using Jarrett’s initials: “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”

So why is there is no indication from TBS now that Samantha Bee’s job is in jeopardy?

While not firing Bee, TBS issued a statement after her apology Thursday saying: “Samantha Bee has taken the right action in apologizing for the vile and inappropriate language she used about Ivanka Trump last night. Those words should not have been aired. It was our mistake too, and we regret it.”

Barr’s tweet triggered outrage – as it should have – but there was less outrage to be heard about Bee's use of the vile, most disgusting word you can use to describe a woman, by someone who would describe herself as a feminist. Why?

Where are all the voices of so-called female empowerment coming to Ivanka’s defense? Will the ladies on “The View” call out Bee for her vulgarity and defend Ivanka? Imagine their outrage if one of them had been called a “feckless c---” on national television.

Will we see House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., condemn Bee’s use of filthy language against another woman? Will the Hollywood feminists who’ve fed us a nearly daily dose of their “resist” movement, resist Bee and call on TBS to cancel “Full Frontal?”

If you have to think about that, then you haven’t been paying attention. This is a new day and there are new rules we supposedly have to play by, and none of them have anything to do with doing the right thing.

If you’re an anti-Trump zealot, you’re almost always guaranteed freedom of consequences for your speech. No matter how vile, filthy or disgusting. Sexism is perfectly fine, as long as the target is a Republican woman.

It’s doubtful that Time Warner and TBS will fire Bee and send the same message that was sent by the industry when Barr was fired.

The double standard in this game of how low can you go is alarming. The silence on the left is deafening.