Rick Warren Is Going To Use The J-Word: So What?

By Mark Joseph

Producer/Author, Editor, Bullypulpit.com

So, we've learned that Rick Warren has reportedly decided that he's going to say the name "Jesus" in his prayer at the inauguration. So what? What's the big deal? He's a Christian minister. Whose name should he use in his prayer? There was a time when uber-ecumenical ministers would water down their beliefs and pray to an ecumenical god in such public settings in order to mollify everybody who might be in the audience, but when you think about it, how would such a prayer mollify an atheist or a Buddhist anyway?

If President-elect Obama didn't want to hear a prayer to Jesus he shouldn't have invited Warren. Every prayer offends somebody, as does every speech. The answer to speech we don't agree with is more speech not less, and it's never to tell ministers or others, how they should practice their religion and dictating to them what they can and can't say--even at presidential inaugurations.