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Rick Warren

Religion and Politics

Pastor Rick Warren will have Obama and McCain appear together at his church

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  1. Religion Suit Returns

    America's most infamous atheist targets Obama Inauguration

  2. Warren Backlash

    Gay groups furious over Obama inaugural pick

  3. Convention Chaos?

    Hillary's out and Biden's in. Can the press handle the politics in Denver?

  4. Controversial Invocation

    Why did Obama pick Rick Warren to participate in his Inauguration?

  5. 'Hinge Point in History'

    Dr. Rick Warren gives inauguration invocation

  6. FOX News Exclusive

    Part 1: Former Connecticut Governor John Rowland on his own political scandal, Blagojevich under fire

  7. Jumped the Gun?

    Has Patrick Fitzgerald jeopardized his case against Blagojevich?

  8. The One Thing: 1/20

    Is this how the post-racial Obama administration begins?

  9. Obama's Bigotry

    Time Magazine writer John Cloud says that President Elect Barack Obama is a 'very rational sounding sort of Bigot' against Gay Americans

  10. Political Correctness Gone Too Far?

    Rick Santorum responds to critics over controversial remarks about President Obama

  11. Civic Duty

    Mark Walsh on Caroline Kennedy's voting record

  12. 'Pop Culture Pusher''s Shawn Amos with dose of entertainment news

  1. 'The Greatest Things in Life'

    Pastor Rick Warren shares words of wisdom for upcoming holiday season

  2. 'Happy Winter'?

    Pastor Rick Warren on school's effort to celebrate winter instead of holidays

  3. Keeping Holiday Spirits Up

    Advice from Pastor Rick Warren on dealing with this financial crisis during the Christmas season

  4. Religious Tension

    Internet evangelist Bill Keller of tells Alan why he is believes Pastor Rick Warren is a sellout

  5. Pastor Problems?

    Obama chooses Rick Warren for inauguration invocation but some on the left aren't too happy

  6. Divisive Issue

    Reverend Franklin Graham on inauguration prayer being targeted by anti-religious groups

  7. Church and State

    The topic of religion has been a frequent companion to President-elect Obama

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