Rep. John Joyce: The New York Times is wrong -- Trump will win in 2020 with help from Pennsylvania

President Trump is going to win Pennsylvania and be reelected in 2020, although readers of The New York Times wouldn’t know it. On April 25, the paper ran a story that argued President Trump may not be able to replicate his numbers in places that delivered him the presidency in 2016, such as my home county of Blair, Pennsylvania.

While coastal journalists might find it enjoyable to parachute into a rural region and cherry pick quotes in order to advance a certain narrative, I’m a lifelong resident of the 13th Congressional District. I know first-hand that the people living here are pleased with what they’ve seen from our president.

Due to President Trump’s pro-growth economic initiatives like tax and regulatory reform, the unemployment rate has dropped by an average of 28 percent since January 2017 in the 10 counties that I represent.


In fact, the tax cuts are so popular in my area that the idea of making them permanent has broad support everywhere from the Chamber of Commerce in Blair to the factory floors of Franklin.

Due to President Trump’s pro-growth economic initiatives like tax and regulatory reform, the unemployment rate has dropped by an average of 28 percent since January 2017 in the 10 counties that I represent.

Dairy farmers, in particular, are incredibly relieved that President Trump has rolled back the Obama-era regulations on milk in schools that were perpetuating their struggles.

President Trump has also answered our prayers in South Central Pennsylvania by forging a conservative federal judiciary that will last a generation. He’s appointing appellate judges at a record pace, and the confirmation of both Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh should set up big wins for social conservatism in the years to come.

While many of our previous executives have lacked the courage to stand up against the status quo in their own party, the president did my region proud by declaring an emergency to build a wall and combat the security and humanitarian crisis on our southern border.

President Trump could outperform his 2016 numbers in PA-13 based on these achievements alone, but he will also be boosted by the disqualifying positions of every single possible candidate he could face in the general election.

All the potential Democratic nominees have already done something to alienate members of my community.

Manufacturers in Somerset County want a president who will stand up for their industry and continue to lower their operating costs, not raise their taxes and put them out of business with a job-killing Green New Deal.

Patients want to be able to head to Fulton County Medical Center for an examination and have it paid for by their private insurance company, not have their coverage choices abolished by a socialist Medicare-for-all scheme.

Sunday school teachers in Johnstown want to be lead by someone who will stand up for life. They don’t want to worry about a president with a history of voting against protection for unborn babies being murdered by their doctor.

Law enforcement officials in Huntingdon want an ally in the White House who is committed to stemming the tide of illegal drugs flowing over our southern border by building the wall. They will certainly oppose anyone who has a plan to tear it down.

And then there’s my commonwealth’s own Joe Biden, who announced his candidacy last week. Pundits insinuate he may be different from the rest of the pack and might have some appeal in rural Pennsylvania.

You have my assurance that those who pull the lever in Bedford in 2020 will do so for someone who is honest about where they stand, not someone who abandons his convictions at every turn in order to appease the progressive mobs on social media.

The Times, however, did get a couple of things right in their story. They did correctly recognize that the 2020 election will come down to Pennsylvania and that President Trump will again need to run up the score in places like my district in order to carry the state.


Based on the president’s lengthy record of conservative accomplishments and the disaster that is the Democratic field, South Central Pennsylvania will give Donald J. Trump all the votes he needs to secure another term.

His 2020 candidacy has my full support, and I look forward to continuing to work with him to make America great.