Rep. Chris Smith Talks About Abortion

By Tommy De SenoAttorney/Writer

I had the privilege of sitting down and listening to my own Congressman, Chris Smith of New Jersey, talk about abortion today.

His topic was buried in a panel on "social issues" which ticked me off (the topic of life should have had it's own panel), but I knew what Chris would talk about. He has been a pro-life champion throughout all his 28 years in Congress.

The Democrats in Congress just blocked two of Smith's Amendments from even making it to the floor for a debate -- one to reverse the Obama policy of allowing American tax dollars to pay for foreign abortions, the other to make sure no American tax dollars are used for forced abortions and forcedsterilizations.

The Democrats would not allow those to be appended to the spending bill. They did however allow another congressman's amendment to spend your tax dollars on trying to get pigs to smell better.


One statistic offered by Congressman Smith really hit me in the gut. The Chinese government has a policy preference for boys over girls. Since the dawn of ultrasound to tell what sex a baby has, here is how many Chinese have been killed in the womb for no other reason than being a girl: 100 million.

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