Rep. Andy Biggs: Prosecute Comey for instigating Mueller probe

Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has been completed, it is time to seek justice. That means fired FBI Director James Comey and others responsible for instigating this farcical investigation for the sole purpose of undermining President Trump must be prosecuted.

In addition, the interests of justice require that the full Mueller report be released with no redactions so that we, the American people, can read it and judge for ourselves.

Failure to prosecute those within our law enforcement apparatus who abused their power for political purposes by launching a baseless investigation that has torn our country apart will only perpetuate the growing cynicism in our institutions and the seemingly unbridgeable division in America.


Comey usurped former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s authority and manipulated the investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of government emails. He improperly prevented Clinton and her cronies from being indicted for crimes that placed America’s security at risk.

In the end, the Trump opponents were all lying for the purpose of delegitimizing the president. They have perpetrated a con job on the American people so great that it has torn families asunder and nearly ripped apart the fabric of American political life.

Then Comey leaked information dealing with President Trump to a friend with the intent that the information be passed on to the media. Comey hoped that by publication of this material – some of it alleged to be classified – he could manipulate the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the president.

Comey got his wish, but at what price to our nation? If Comey violated the law he must be held accountable.

The Mueller investigation was ostensibly about Russian interference in our 2016 presidential election but morphed into a wide-ranging probe that encompassed Trump’s business dealings and personal life, as well as his work as president. And people with some association with Trump were caught up in the probe, even when their actions under scrutiny had nothing to do with him.

Over the past two years, records, documents, and reports that have been transmitted to Congress, in the course of its role of overseeing the Justice Department, have been riddled with redactions. We were often told that the documentary evidence contained classified information and must be withheld from Congress and the public for national security purposes.

In virtually every case that this claim was made, it was later determined that the redacted portions had nothing to do with our nation’s security, but everything to do with hiding embarrassing information about leaders of the Justice Department or the FBI.

For example, we have still never seen a clean version of the letter that was provided to Mueller to define what he was investigating and the limits of his investigation.

If we are given an edited version of the Mueller report, all sides will treat it with skepticism. Transparency is the only way for America to have a chance to heal from the unwarranted attack on the presidency made by the political losers who began the relentless assault on the legitimacy of President Trump the day after his election in November 2016.

The credibility of the Justice Department and the FBI have been besmirched through revelations made throughout this process. The Mueller report must be given to the public – warts and all, good and bad – if we are to regain a measure of trust in our institutions.

The second step of our healing process is to remember how this unjust and oppressive political attack began and hold those who have criminal culpability liable.

The call for impeachment of President Trump began, literally, the day after his election victory. His Democratic opponent in that election, Hillary Clinton, was and remains discombobulated at the thought that she didn’t win.

Clinton’s response to the election of Donald Trump was not to graciously accept the electoral outcome, or even grudgingly recognize the will of American voters. Instead, she had a temper tantrum and accused the Trump campaign of conspiring with the Russians to defeat her.

The left-wing media immediately picked up this excuse and began running with it. Democratic members of Congress insisted that there was cold, hard, indisputable evidence of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia to win the presidential election.

In the end, the Trump opponents were all lying for the purpose of delegitimizing the president. They have perpetrated a con job on the American people so great that it has torn families asunder and nearly ripped apart the fabric of American political life.


The Mueller report must be fully released, and those who abused their power must be brought to justice if the political divisions in this country are ever to be healed.

As it is, even with those two steps, the fact that congressional Democrats have promised to ratchet up their multitude of pending investigations against President Trump and his administration make the notion of breaching our political divide almost quaint, and perhaps hopeless.