President Obama owes the American people an apology

I was honored to be invited to appear as a guest on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” last Friday. On the show I was asked about Obama’s “apology tour” visit to Japan. I was asked if he should have visited Hiroshima- the site of the first U.S. nuclear attack that led to Japan's surrender during World War II. I was asked, “Was it appropriate?”

I responded to host Bill Maher on the show that I’m not a fan of apologies, or in this case the appearance of an apology -- especially if you’re apologizing for responding to something terrible the other guy did. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. They started the war, we merely ended it. They committed terrible atrocities against our soldiers and American POW’s throughout the war.

My father David Root served in the South Pacific. He fought at Okinawa -- the bloodiest battle of World War II. He saw firsthand the atrocities of the Japanese.

Our nuclear bombs didn’t just take lives. They saved many American (and ironically, Japanese) lives. Experts estimated the invasion of Japan would have cost at least 1,000,000 lives. Those atomic bombs actually saved far more lives than they cost. One of them might have been my father.

So my answer to Bill Maher was that I’m not a fan of even the appearance of apologizing for those atomic bombs, unless of course Japan’s prime minister is willing to come to Hawaii to apologize to the American victims of Pearl Harbor. I pointed out that is a negotiation that President Donald Trump could win.

But I found the response from Bill Maher’s liberal viewers interesting. I received many death threats…and people wishing me "a long slow painful death." Some lectured me on all the apologies we owe to Japanese survivors, American Indians, and of course, African-American slaves.

I suddenly realized it’s time for Obama's victims -- middle class Americans -- to speak up. Here is my answer to liberals across the country.

You're 100 percent right...apologies are sometimes necessary.

Obama and his socialist cabal should apologize to every middle class American for the harm they've done to the U.S. economy; upward mobility; middle class jobs (there are none) and the American Dream (it’s dead).

They've created an unimaginable DISASTER. They’ve destroyed the greatest nation…the greatest economy…the greatest economic system (capitalism)…and greatest middle class in world history.

We are living in an Obama Great Depression.

Read my book “THE MURDER OF THE MIDDLE CLASS” to see hundreds of facts proving the middle class has been savaged.

Obama should also apologize for adding well over $10 trillion to the national debt (by the time he leaves office), which could lead to a severe debt crisis and the eventual collapse of the U.S. economy, but at a minimum will certainly cripple the quality of life of our children and grandchildren.

Obama should also apologize for the lies and fraud of ObamaCare. He lied when he said “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.” Really? I lost mine. So did millions of other Americans. We are owed an apology.

But the architects of ObamaCare are owed a prison sentence for fraud -- because apologies alone are not enough.

Obama should also apologize for the disastrous effects of ObamaCare -- which has doubled and tripled premiums, co-pays, deductibles and prescription costs, killed quality high wage middle class jobs, as well as made it almost impossible to start or run a successful small business.

Obama should apologize for the vicious IRS attacks – for trying to persecute people for their political and religious beliefs. Or didn't you know the IRS was ordered to go after conservative, Tea Party, Christian and pro-Israel groups? I was one of the victims. Where’s my apology?

Obama should apologize for cutting $2.5 billion for veterans, while adding over $4 billion to the budget for the importing of Syrian migrants into the USA. Every veteran in America is owed an apology.

Obama should apologize for demanding Congress allocate almost $18,000 for every illegal alien child or teen that enters America. That's $3000 more than a American-born senior citizen gets for Social Security- even though they paid into the system. Every American-born senior citizen is owed an apology.

Obama should also apologize for the disastrous economy he has created with his radical leftist agenda...

Obama should apologize for the new report out that finds two thirds of Americans could not scrape together $500 in an emergency.

Obama should apologize for more young adults living at their parents’ home than at any time in history.

Obama should apologize for 46 million Americans on food stamps.

And Obama should apologize to 94 million working-age Americans NOT working.

Obama should apologize for a nation where more people collect government welfare checks than work in the private sector.

Obama should apologize for being the first president in history to preside over 7 straight years of GDP under 3 percent. And we are virtually assured of an eighth straight year. Neither Herbert Hoover nor FDR produced results that terrible, even in the depths of the Great Depression.

Obama should apologize for the fact that under his leadership, more businesses are closing each day than opening -- for the first time in America's history.

Obama should apologize for demoralizing every business owner in America by saying “You didn’t build that.”

And Hillary should apologize for saying “Businesses don’t create jobs, government does.”

As soon as Obama, Hillary, their socialist cabal and every guilt-ridden white liberal apologizes for all that...

Then and only then should we worry about things done 70 and 100 and 200 years ago.

But Obama, Hillary, and their liberal friends should apologize for what they just did to the great American middle class.

And they should apologize to every small businessman and woman in America. Every business I personally own -- and every friend I have that owns a small business -- is in trouble, struggling to overcome the burdens of business under Obama- dramatically increased taxes, regulations, energy costs (because of the fraud of “green energy”), health care costs, legal bills and IRS attacks. The liberal policies of this administration have damaged and demoralized every small business owner and job creator in this country.

Where is our apology?

Obama, Hillary, Bernie and their socialist cabal are trying to ruin a great thing called America. I’ve had a great life -- until recently. They want to make it less great. They won’t rest until America isn’t exceptional and we all live a crappy life of equality (i.e. misery).

So yes, liberals are right. It is time for an apology.

Obama owes an apology to the American people.