President Bush Should Have the Gratitude of All Americans

As seen on "Happening Now" on January 12, 2009:

KARL ROVE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR/FORMER BUSH SENIOR ADVISER AND DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF: That was the President Bush I've known for 30 some odd years [speaking at his final press conference on Monday, Jan. 12]. I had dinner last night with him and he was revved up about going out this morning and having news conference and letting it all hang out. And he did.

This is a person who, behind-the-scenes, is very reflective. Who's very curious and very tough in asking good questions of the people that work for him and work around him. And let's return to, for a second, to what his mindset was. I think it was the mindset of a lot of Americans. We were wondering after September 11 whether we were going to be hit again. And he knew it was his responsibility to keep the country safe. And that has been his all consuming passion for the last seven years -- is to make certain that the institutions, structures and policies are in place to keep America safe and it's worked. And for that he has, and should have, the gratitude of all Americans.