In Hans Christian Andersen’s fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes," the emperor, in his pride and arrogance, was conned by imposter tailors to believe he was wearing an elegant, ornate, finely tailored suit, when, in actuality, he was wearing nothing.

While it’s easy to mock the foolishness of the emperor, the real tragedy in the story was his subjects, who loyally lined the street to see him parade by in his new “suit," applauding and cheering as if he was in his finest royal regalia. They were told only fools would not be able to see his new clothes, and so, afraid of being labeled as fools, they pretended they saw his finery. When instead they saw nothing. (Well, actually, they saw everything!)

Similarly, the parade of Democratic politics is finally being exposed for what it is – a pompous, yet empty display of purported finery, which has been largely applauded and accepted by those who refuse to see that much of what they believe is based in bias not fact. Yet now the Democratic “emperors” are finally being seen as wearing nothing but empty promises and piety. And it is long overdue.


Now that the charade is over, there are three lies the left needs to stop telling:

Lie number one is the inflated narrative of Russian collusion, which has now been deflated by the release of the Mueller report. Not only was this “witch hunt” unfounded at its beginning, but it was also tainted, biased and politically motivated in the middle, and in the end was exposed as a complete waste of taxpayer money.  It was a two-year distraction without merit at best, and potentially an attempted coup at its worst.

Though time will tell what additional revelations will still come as a result of this report, the “collusion delusion,” at least as far as Donald Trump is concerned, is over. The political elites and media talking heads had it wrong all along – dead wrong. They are seething that their concentrated efforts didn’t uncover anything worthy of impeachment and are now left holding nothing but their bruised pride. The American people are moving on. It’s time for the mainstream media and a few outlying members of Congress to do the same.

Lie number two is that there is no crisis at our southern border“It’s fabricated," says the left. Donald Trump has “manufactured this crisis." Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only are we being overrun by thousands of people who are arriving with no documentation to prove who they are, but much worse, we are turning a blind eye to human trafficking – right here at home. In fact, we may actually be facilitating it by incentivizing migrants to arrive with children. If people arrive in a "family unit," they are processed differently and given priority entry. Without documentation, we have to take the word of the child and the “parent” as to their identity, although a few select border control crossings are starting to use DNA testing to determine a familial connection.

Who knows how many children have been taken from their families and used by smugglers to walk with unrelated adults across the border and then taken right back to Mexico in order to be used by the next smuggler. We may be complicit in the very act we accuse countries all around the world of wrongly engaging in.

Where is the outrage about this from the left? This needs to stop. Immediately. We need to end this tsunami of illegal migration and start legally controlling the wave of immigrants again. Regardless of how often we are told by the left it’s not an issue, we have eyes to see the footage of the migrant caravans, and are smart enough to know that when we incentivize people to break our own laws, they will. And they are. The left knows it. Why won’t they tell us the truth?

And lie number three is that America is ready to move toward socialism. As the 2020 Democratic candidates step over themselves to be the one furthest to the left, much of the rest of the nation watches this rush to irrelevance and wonders who will be buying what they’re selling? Even Joe Biden, the supposed Democratic frontrunner, can’t make a compelling argument as to why he should be our next president, nor can any of the other nearly two dozen candidates.

Why? Because when they speak of “changing directions” or “undoing the Trump era," I’m not exactly sure who wants that. If we look sheerly at the statistics of what has been achieved economically in the past few short years, it is truly remarkable. And even the president’s greatest critics know it.


The average, hard-working, middle-class voter, doesn't want a change of direction. They don’t want to return to the Obama-Biden era of more government control, increased regulation, higher taxes and additional intrusion into their lives and businesses. What they actually want is more of what they are getting now – rising wages, energy independence, nearly full employment, fairer trade globally and a national economy that is booming – and is the envy of the world. The left wants less of that. The rest of us want more of that – much more – at least five years more!

So it’s time for the left to stop the lies and start telling the truth. About the special counsel. About immigration. About socialism. About the record-breaking Trump economy. These lies are the modern day snake oil of the left – and fewer and fewer people are buying it.