After more than two years of marching to the drumbeat of Russian Collusion, the tempo of the left has been disrupted by the release of the Mueller report findings. Their chanting continues, undeterred by a thorough and emphatic conclusion by the special counsel that indeed there was “no there there.” We can count on the fact though that the Democrats’ bold parade of erroneous confidence will most surely continue.

Of course, the drum major at the front of the “I still believe there’s collusion” parade is none other than the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.


Let’s stop for a moment and consider the irony of that. He is chairman of the committee charged with overseeing the U.S. intelligence community, yet doesn’t accept the findings of a report compiled from over two years of cumulative intelligence and evidence gathering.

In addition, he’s demanding the full transcript of the Mueller report be released, while still maintaining that he personally has hard evidence of collusion – which no one has ever seen and he himself won’t release.

Schiff has even lost the confidence of half of his own committee members who this past week demanded his removal as Chairman. Every Republican on the House Intelligence Committee called on him to resign for reasons of “weaving a ‘demonstrably false’ narrative of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia” and “undermining the credibility of the panel.”

He also has undermined his own credibility with this ongoing perpetuation of a known lie and has lost the confidence of many of his constituents.

Let’s remember that this self-proclaimed icon of intelligence was in essence “punked” by a comedian who pretended to be a Russian with compromising photographs of President Trump.  Schiff not only talked with this charlatan but expressed interest in obtaining the non-existent nude photographs which were being offered to him. How is that not considered to be colluding with a Russian? The hypocrisy of his feigned indignation over Trump’s debunked collusion charges is wearing thin.

If Congressman Schiff is truly concerned about Russian meddling, he need look no further than the increasingly mounting evidence against Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration for their interference. And look no further into the president’s actions, as they have been cleared. The blindness of the Congressman’s bias has him leading an imaginary parade of bitterness. Americans are tired of it and want him and those who are still marching with him to stop. Just stop.

“The collusion delusion,” as our president has called it, is over. Move on. Get back to the business of the people who elected you.

I happen to live in California's 28th Congressional District. Adam Schiff is my congressman, and I am not only embarrassed by his behavior but appalled by his lack of discretion and wisdom in chasing and perpetuating proven lies that originated from politically motivated and opposition-generated fiction. His tail chasing leads to less representation of his district – my district.

There is much work to be done here in California. We need his representation in Washington, D.C., and this Trump-hating hysteria doesn’t benefit anyone, especially those who are counting on his voice to advocate for them.

Schiff’s disrespect for our president is petty, irrational and sophomoric. Schiff will not be swayed by evidence that don’t fit into his own political agenda. And will never let the facts get in the way of a good anti-Trump narrative. His total disregard for truth makes me wonder if he’s also a card-carrying member of the Flat Earth Society.

Mr. Schiff needs to remember that he represents CA-28 – ALL of it. And some of his constituents actually support our president, have been patient with the “witch hunt” of the Mueller probe and celebrated the fact that our president did not collude with the Russians before, during or after the 2016 election. That was the finding. And that is good news for our nation.

Congressman Schiff and many of his colleagues need to let their lies go now. Accept the report. And accept our president.

We can confidently anticipate they won’t. And they should be careful what they wish for by demanding release of the full report. In it I am sure the left will find a dozen or so molehills of inconsequential actions on the part of the president or his team, which will be embellished into impeachable offenses.

But will they be willing to also look at the mountain of damning evidence against members of their own party which will likely permeate the full report? Doubtful. Will they follow the fingerprints of Obama Administration meddling up the chain of command to perhaps the highest level? Resoundingly no.

It can easily be predicted right now that Schiff-ites will claim any redactions are merely cover-ups by Attorney General Barr, as directed by the White House, and therefore we won’t truly know everything, even when it is released.

We do know though that script has already been written and will be parroted by everyone in the mainstream media who still refuse to believe Donald Trump is our duly elected president and that he did not engage in Russian collusion.


As the misguided Congressman marches on and the support of fellow hoaxians behind him continues to fade, the rest of us are following another drumbeat – that of a strong economy, record low unemployment, decreased regulations, increased manufacturing, greater energy independence, the defeat of ISIS, constitutional judges and the promise of a more secure border that protects the sovereignty of our great nation and its citizens.

It’s time for Congressman Schiff to decide whether he is committed to truth, or just wants to bring down our president. The choice is his – to be an advocate for his district and a leader in the House, or continue to be the drum major leading the parade of delusion.