On Easter Sunday, a Chocolate Bunny vs. the Easter Bunny: What's It Gonna to Be?

Although it might be hard to understand why people buy bunnies just because it’s spring—they do. But often spring time bunny purchases result in bunnies available for adoptions come winter time, or even years later when having a bunny for its ten-year life span hadn’t previously been considered.

Chocolate bunnies on the other hand are never a bad idea to buy--especially around Easter when they are readily available in all varieties of chocolate.

Here are 10 reasons to buy a chocolate bunny and not a real bunny this Easter:

1. If you decide you don’t like the chocolate bunny, you can buy another brand.

2. Real bunnies chew everything. With a chocolate bunny—you’re the only one doing the chewing.

3. Friends are much less likely to have an allergic reaction to your chocolate bunny.

4. A real bunny is much pricier than a chocolate bunny. In fact you can buy a carton of chocolate bunnies for the cost of one real bunny.

5. When you buy a chocolate bunny you don’t need to buy anything else, unlike a real bunny. Well, maybe just some jellybeans.

6. Real bunnies' eyes can see behind them without turning their heads. A chocolate bunnies eyes can be bitten off and eaten.

7. Real bunnies eat and poop at the same time. Sorry, you didn’t really need to know that.

8. Real bunnies can become pregnant again one hour after of giving birth. Fortunately (or unfortunately) chocolate bunnies don’t reproduce.

9. A real bunny doesn’t like it when you trim its toenails. Chocolate bunnies don’t usually mind.

10. You can bite off a chocolate bunny’s ears. Not a good idea with a real bunny.

(PS Apparently 76% of people bite off the ears first!? Random fact.)

Jennifer Quasha is most recently the co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Dog's Life: 101 Stories about the Ages and Stages of our Canine Companions" and "Chicken Soup of the Soul: My Cat's Life: 101 Stories about the Ages and Stages of our Feline Family Members". Check out her website at www.jenniferquasha.com.