Ode to the Oreo on its 100th anniversary

Happy 100th anniversary to the Oreo cookie!

There’s nothing more delicious, or more perplexing than an Oreo.

For starters, how in the world are you supposed to eat the thing? Do you much right into the middle of the cookie or do you follow the twist, lick and dunk method?

The Oreo was created 100 years ago at a Nabisco factory in New York City. And honestly, not all that much as changed.

The chocolate wafers still feature twelve flowers surrounding the Nabisco logo. The Oreo is 29 percent cream, 71 percent cookie.

And more than 345 billion wafers later, it is still the nation’s favorite cookie.

According to our partners at the Fox Business Network, the Oreo's owner, Kraft Foods, says the cookie brings in $2 billion a year in sales from around the world.

Oreos are sold in 100 different countries and are most popular here in the U.S., followed by China and Venezuela.

The Oreo name has been shrouded in mystery – although there is some speculation the cookie derived its name from the Greek word meaning “pretty darned tasty.”

And here in our Fox News Corner of the World, it’s the perfect afternoon snack.

If only Steve Doocy would share his milk!

Todd Starnes is host of Fox News & Commentary and the author of the new book “Dispatches From Bitter America.”  This piece is adapted from his radio commentary.