MICHAEL GOODWIN: Why Does Eric Holder Still Think KSM Is Just Another Criminal Defendant?

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That was quite a mob takedown. "Meatball" and "Mush" and "Johnny Pizza" and "Jello" all got rousted. And don't forget KSM and his crew.

OK, that last part was a trick. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is in the news again because Attorney General Eric Holder can't help himself.

In Brooklyn to announce 127 gangster arrests, Holder veered off message when asked about plans for the 9/11 plotters.

"We are still in the administration trying to work through how we will bring to justice those people who perpetrated those heinous acts on September 11," Holder said. "Nothing is off the table as of yet."

Nothing off the table? Then Holder is off the wall.

Way back in November 2009, the AG announced plans to bring the murderous terrorists back to New York and try them in civilian courts with full constitutional protections. After an uproar here and in Congress, President Obama seemingly pulled the plug.

But Holder won't let go. He's refused to say what will happen to KSM and, each time he's asked, says a decision is "near" or "close" or "weeks" away. Tomorrow never comes.

He has an even weaker hand now that Congress passed, and Obama signed, an order blocking the Pentagon from bringing any Gitmo detainees to U.S. soil.

Finally, Obama reportedly wants to try some of the detainees in military commissions. That's what prompted the questions to Holder about the most famous terrorist in custody.

By his answer, it is clear Holder insists on seeing KSM as just another criminal defendant, like "Meatball" and his friends. He's not.

If a civilian trial is still possible, claims of an Obama course correction remain premature.

Michael Goodwin is a Fox News contributor and New York Post columnist. To continue reading his column on other topics, including Chinese President Hu's visit to Washington, click here.