MICHAEL GOODWIN: The White House Whine

Poor President Obama. Everybody is picking on him. Some people don't understand how hard his job is. Others are just mean and selfish.

That's the latest White House whine, as though the most powerful man in the world is a victim of sinister domestic forces beyond his reach.

The woe-is-me complaints suggest the occupant of the Oval Office, Nobel Prize and all, is feeling weak and small.

Yikes. No wonder the world is ganging up on us.

The point was driven home yesterday when Russia's foreign minister told Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton that Russia was not ready to impose tougher sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program. Shockingly, Clinton reportedly agreed new sanctions were premature.

Premature? Iran has been violating UN resolutions for years and is planning to get nukes and promises to use them.

What would be the right time to get tougher -- when we see a mushroom cloud?

And sanctions, remember, are the "soft power" the administration prefers, instead of military action, which is so George W. Bush. But suddenly faced with resistance, Washington now finds even sanctions too rough.

Another report says Palestinians are losing faith in Obama. If true, they join Israelis, meaning Obama has achieved his first Mideast agreement, though not the one he promised.

Alas, the evidence is clear--doubts about Obama's backbone are spreading. The Financial Times says the view that he talks a good game but doesn't get anything done is no longer confined to conservatives.

Michael Goodwin is a New York Post columnist and FOX News contributor. To read his complete column, click here.