Live From a Tea Party -- The Atmosphere Is Electric!

By Phil KerpenPolicy Director, Americans for Prosperity

Live on the scene from the D.C. Tea Party where I just spoke to a rowdy, raucous crowd of about 3,700 people in a pouring rain. They took the day off work, some brought the whole families, to send a strong message against bailouts, massive government growth, and the efforts of elites on Wall Street and in Washington to run our lives.

Tim Geithner yanked our permit to protest in front of the Treasury Department (scared, perhaps?) at the last second, but the decentralized Tea Party movement was ready to go anyway, combining forces with another Tea Party already scheduled across the street in Lafayette Park.

This is the beginning of a new populist revolt, and it's happening all over the country. The top-down, big money, big government forces of Soros,, and Organizing for America are about to meet a true bottom-up populist steamroller. Elites will ignore this at their own peril.