After three years of discussion among 21 scientists, an economic-political coalition of advanced western nation-states recently handed down a ruling which prohibits bottled water companies from advertising that water eases dehydration. Executives of bottled water companies who dare to claim that, in essence, water is wet, can face up two years in jail.

No, this is not an out-take from a play by Moliere. It is the churning of the real-life farce known as the European Union. But it is also much more. Here, in miniature, is contemporary liberalism's modus operandi: The absolute, pre-meditated turning of truth on its head in order to eradicate any chance a people, a company or a nation will ever again be empowered to slip out under the permanent thumb of the government.

Given the tenor of the times we live in, we might well praise the 21 scientists for their exercise of judicious restraint. After all they could have ruled that water is a hazard to human health. Forget that water is the sine qua non of hydrated life. There are about 380,000 drowning deaths each year, according to the World Health Organization. And how does a person drown? By overdosing on water.

Certainly there is more evidence that water is a hazard to human health than carbon dioxide, but that did not stop the EPA from finding that CO2, another substance essential to life on earth, is an endangerment to our health; a ruling that, if let to stand, will soon unleash further regulatory havoc on the American economy.

Forget the facts, forget rational argument, just go boldly forth and fudge, invent, obfuscate and prevaricate. This is the new modern liberal mantra. Why? When ideas are decoupled from empirical evidence to support them, one can then literally concoct an infinite number of reasons for the intervening hand of the government to protect us, leading, inevitably, to that imagined, long-sought utopia ruled over by members of the enlightened liberal elite.

Defying the laws of logic and physics, contemporary liberalism is fuelled by a perpetual-motion, untruth machine. It is a machine built in great part around the tenets of academic post-modernism, which over the past 50 years has been revising and re-writing history, literature, just about anything, according to the dictates of guilt, bitterness and political correctness.

Film maker Michael Moore has played a significant role in the popularization and cultural acceptance of untruth, or, if you will, truth perverted by bias. Mr. Moore displayed his gift for propaganda in his very first film, "Roger and Me," which took General Motors to task for reneging on its social duty of supporting overpaid, unproductive UAW workers in the style to which they had grown accustomed.

Mr. Moore's signature method of cinematic lying reached its zenith in Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" and its implicit claim that global warming “is beyond debate.”

As I write, scientists have announced experiments in which sub-atomic neutrinos were measured moving faster the than the speed of light, a finding, if confirmed which contradicts Einstein's theory of special relativity--a theory a million times more tested and confirmed than man-made global warming. In science, no pet theory, least of all one that has never been confirmed by an experiment, is beyond debate.

Now, in the occupy Wall-Street protests, the foot soldiers of the liberal elite are brazenly flying the revolutionary flag of untruth with a full endorsement from the president if the United States. Corporate greed and exploitive capitalism are causing inequality and destroying the American Dream, they chant. In reality, the average worker for the federal government makes double in wages and benefits of the average worker in the private sector. And as Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich pointed out, taxes generated by greedy businesses paid for the very square in which the protestors are urinating.

Barack Obama is the president of untruth: green jobs that never materialize, affordable health care that is more expensive, deregulation begetting more regulation, debt reduction by adding more debt. And the never-ending litany of lies that emerges from his silver-tongued mouth glide, like neutrinos, straight through the consciousness of the media and many Americans without registering so much as a blip of indignation.

We’ve heard it all before: Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery. Perhaps this is why we are teetering on the precipice of a new dark age.

Michael LeGault is a journalist and the author of The Next American Revolution: How the American Government Stole the American Dream and How We Can Get it Back (Tate Publishing, 2011).