Laura Ingraham: The caravan of lies and manipulation – Americans see through Democrats' phony compassion

As we approach Election Day, here is one thing that has become patently obvious. Democrats are uninterested in the things Americans care about most. Their prosperity and their safety. Instead of policy prescriptions, Democrats poison American discourse with constant demonization and perpetual intimidation.

In the Kavanaugh saga, we saw that they are masters at producing coordinated choreographed outrage. After that backfired, Democrats began to panic. Although still favored to take the House of Representatives, things began to shift somewhat after the Kavanaugh dust settled.

Stories suddenly began to pop up that Pelosi, Schumer and company were concerned that Latino voters weren't sufficiently enthusiastic in the midterms, which of course could doom Democrat chances to take the House. Then, like magic, a few days later, a story appeared out of nowhere about another caravan of central Americans headed to the U.S. from Honduras.

A former Honduran left-wing politician even joined the caravan for a time before he was arrested. So what started as a group of 1,600 soon became 2,000, and then 4,000, and apparently growing.

Meanwhile, crusading reporters are feeding the narrative that anyone opposed to welcoming these caravaners into our country are cruel, horrible, awful, rotten people.

Chris Cuomo recently said,  "So what is the GOP strategy? We see it at this point as to push fear and loathing. If you don't vote, the scary people from the south are coming for you. You see that picture? That's what they want you to think all immigrants look like. People laying on the floor splayed out, not as civilized as you, different from you."

The media's over the top slurs against those of us who believe that the system must change and that our border has to be protected, it speaks volumes about their bias and the real motivation. Of course, which is to help Democrats like presidential hopeful Julian Castro.

Here's what he said recently, "The president continues to fearmonger around the issue of immigration. One of the worst things that has happened in these last 18 months has been the basically state-sponsored child abuse of young kids at the border. This example today of what he said was a caravan, you know, he's picking that and he's trying to make an issue of it to gin up his base. I think that the American people can see through that."

Do you know what the American people see through? Democrats' phony compassion politically timed in a desperate attempt to turn out Latino voters who themselves are seeing the wonders of the Trump economy, record low unemployment and the best economy in decades.

Castro was the mayor of San Antonio and his twin brother, Joaquin, he represents San Antonio in Congress. But I've never seen either of them on television standing for the families of those brutally murdered by illegal aliens, brutally, brutally hurt by rape, spousal abuse, child abuse, and as I said, even murder.

Our open borders, as well as our immigration and asylum loopholes, are enriching the cartels, they are endangering migrants, and they are also making life worse for most Americans beyond the super-rich who live in a protective bubble. How can we allow this to continue and still be a country?

Now, of course, not all illegal immigrants commit violent crime and many are good and hardworking people. But that's not really the point. No American should suffer or be brutalized in order to fulfill the Democrats' fantasy of a borderless society. No American worker should see his or her wages go down because there is an illegal immigrant who just arrived in the U.S. who is willing to work for 40 percent less.

In Donald Trump, we finally have a president who wants to tackle this problem, not just pass it onto the next president the way Obama did. Don't buy for a moment what the left is selling you. Democrats are the ones using this and stoking false fear among the Latinos to try to flip Congress. Again, no ideas, just more emotional manipulation.

We welcome and we treasure the Hispanic immigrants in this country who came here the legal way, like Tia from Venezuela, who called into my radio show today.

"I was born in Venezuela. I am a proud American citizen now, but I am terrified of what is happening. My mother would've never thought that Venezuela, 30 years later, was going to be a socialist country, and then five to eight years after that was going to descend into a dictatorship. Because once they get in, they change the Constitution. And now they are not even waiting. They want the Supreme Court because they want to change the Constitution, and there goes our country."

There goes our country. We get a lot of those calls on the radio. Legal immigrants enraged. Now, we all know the negative changes that open borders and catch and release bring to America. Look no further than California's rampant homelessness, filthy streets, ballooning low fare programs, crushing regulations.

That's what a Democrat supermajority sanctuary state ends up looking like. The president is standing up for you. He wants this to stop. This morning, he tweeted, "we spend billions enforcing other countries' borders as our own has become a joke. Our laws ignored and our generation and compassion exploited"

He said this as well. He said, "In addition to stopping all payments to these countries, which seem to have almost no control over their population, I must, in the strongest of terms, ask Mexico to stop this onslaught. And if they are unable to do so, I will call up the U.S. military and close our southern border." That's what his tweet said.

Now, the Democrats talk taking the House, will ensure that this caravan of 4,000 eventually becomes a flow of four million, four million plus before we know it. This cannot happen.

But as we told you last night, if you are still on the fence about what to do on November 6th in the midterm election, just think for a moment about who is in line to chair the important committees when it comes to these issues, like Homeland Security and the Judiciary Committee if the Democrats do take the house. Bennie Thompson from Mississippi would take Homeland Security.

He said this, "You would think the most important homeland security problem facing the nation is a handful of central Americans moving through Mexico. That does not make it so. Better to distract the American people from the real issues facing the department and perhaps from the president's own problems too."

And meanwhile, Jerry Nadler would oversee judiciary which includes immigration and border security. And we know he's far more interested in investigating Justice Kavanaugh than solving our border problem. Come on. Hispanic Americans are smart enough to spot a con when they see one.

So I say it's time to walk away from the Democrats' cynical game of identity politics and emotional manipulation and towards candidates whose policies result in higher wages and better security for all Americans. And that's THE ANGLE.

Adapted from Laura Ingraham's monologue on "The Ingraham Angle," Oct.18, 2018.