Kelly vs. Bratton: Two of the NYPD's greatest commissioners are feuding. Here's why

New Yorkers know that to make it here, you need a skin thick enough to survive a daily gantlet of conflict. Yet some battles still manage to pierce the armor and even draw the blood of innocent bystanders, a prime example being the bare-knuckle brawl between Bill Bratton and Ray Kelly.

They are perhaps the two greatest commissioners in the great history of the NYPD, and their assaults on each other’s achievements bring a sour end to 2015. These two fine men, genuine heroes who deserve their national acclaim, are hurting themselves, the police force and all of New York.

Kelly and Bratton have crossed paths for decades and, though never buddy-buddy, only now are crossing swords. Pride and personality are obvious factors, but there is also an instigator who fanned the flames of their feud.

In denouncing Kelly’s claim that some crime stats are fishy, Bratton accused Kelly of “engaging in politics.” It was a rare moment of absolute clarity, though probably not in the way Bratton intended.

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