It's down to Trump and Cruz. Kasich is not part of the equation

Trump wins Florida!  Trump wins 99 delegates -- the most this year! Trump wins Illinois! Trump wins North Carolina. Trump wins Missouri. Trump wins the Northern Mariana Islands (wherever the hell they are).
But John Kasich narrowly wins his home state and the media treats it like we have a real race.

Trump had a giant night on Tuesday. The Ted Cruz who won the second highest number of delegates is barely mentioned.

The establishment now wants Kasich to be the challenger and Trump the stopper!

I like John and have known him for over 35 years. I am glad he won his home state of Ohio because he has been a good governor. But he's not going to be the 2016 Republican nominee.

He claimed Tuesday night that he is going to win Pennsylvania. He may not even qualify for the ballot in the Keystone State having failed to get the 2,000 signatures he needed. He has won nothing else this year and badly trails in delegates behind Trump and Cruz and even Rubio who correctly dropped out Tuesday night after losing his home state.

This contest is now down to Trump and Cruz. And I must warn John that Rubio, just four weeks ago, was the establishment favorite and has dropped like a rock ever since.

This is not the year to be the establishment favorite and by announcing that your convention team is composed of lobbyists and Washington campaign hacks (many of whom are my friends) it will add nothing to your efforts to win delegates.

John, your departure from this race is inevitable and the longer you delude yourself, the more painful it will be.

Trump is on his way to the Republican nomination. He didn't set the rules. The party did. And he played by them and won.

If Cruz can't stop him, the fantasy of a brokered convention is foolishness and isn't going to happen.

Equally important is this fact: the states Trump won Tuesday night are critical to a Republican win in November. Illinois is a Democratic state, but the others are swing states. Losing any of them: Ohio, Florida, Missouri or North Carolina makes it nearly impossible to get to the 270 electoral votes needed to beat Mrs.Clinton.

The two serious candidates left -- Cruz and Trump -- are totally different in their approaches.

Cruz has a great campaign team who can win close elections.

Trump has a great marketing team and the product is Donald Trump -- which so far is selling wide and far!

The common denominator for the two men is that the establishment wants neither of them. But if they want to beat Hillary in 237 days they must choose one of them and join all those people who are not the establishment but who are winning the contests fair and square.