Iran and Team Obama: United in trying fool the American public

The ‘peace’ that leads to wars

After nearly 35 years of hostility, Iran and the United States are singing from the same page. They’re united in trying to fool the American public.

Approaching the July 20 deadline for reaching a permanent deal on Iran’s nuclear program, officials from both countries are talking up the mullahs’ sudden “flexibility.” The p.r. campaigns could make any deal sound like a breakthrough for which Americans should be grateful.


Count me out, especially if the terms let Iran keep all or most of its centrifuges. Depending on the amount and level of enrichment, that would put the terrorist state near the “breakout” phase, where it could quickly move to make a nuclear bomb.

That would lead other nations in the Mideast to go nuclear, and likely lead to a nuclear war within a few years.

The problem is that President Obama is willing to accept a face-saving deal so he won’t have to take military action. The irony is that the sanctions he boasted about brought Iran to the table, but now could be lifted without achieving anything of substance.

Even worse, a bad deal makes America and its European partners complicit in an Iranian bomb.

The whole episode recalls Europe’s appeasement of Hitler. The leaders of Great Britain and others so feared his intentions that they allowed themselves to believe his promises of peace.

But any piece of paper he signed was a stalling technique until he was ready to strike. Substitute Iran for Germany, and the worst kind of history may be on the verge of repeating itself.

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