How Would Obama Be Covered If He Were a Republican?

By Patrick DorinsonPolitical Commentator

Every day we learn more and more about the personal life of President Obama. The mainstream media seems obsessed with giving us every little detail of his day. About the only thing they haven't covered yet are his personal grooming habits. What kind of toothpaste does he use? Does he shave with an electric shaver or shaving cream and a disposable razor?



And before all you Obamaphiles get your blood pressure up too much and rush to your keyboards to defend the president, this is not about him. He is not the one making these "news" judgments. In fact, I'll bet pretty soon, if he hasn't already, he will long for the privacy his old life afforded.

No, this is about the mainstream media television producers and newspaper editors who seem to think we need to know all this stuff. They seem to want to continue the role they perfected in the campaign as press agents for President Obama, his administration and its policies.

Last week there were two events that demonstrated the overkill:

First, two weeks ago, on a Saturday night, he took his lovely wife Michelle to dinner at a fancy Georgetown Restaurant: Citronelle. They had a few martinis and the president had a "72-hour aged steak" and one French fry. They left a 20% tip.

When I woke up the next morning, there was a picture on news Web sites of him and Michelle walking around the grounds of the White House. The report I saw made a point of saying that they were "holding hands." Is this something unique to married couples? Ronald and Nancy Reagan were the most loving couple you would ever see and I don't remember seeing so many stories early in his administration about their close relationship.

We did, however, get stories about Nancy Reagan replacing the old White House china. And they did not portray her in a flattering light.

Then last Tuesday for their weekly lunch, the president and his comic relief sidekick Vice President Biden went to Ray's Hell Burgers in Arlington, Virginia. Their visit was carried liveon some cable channels. -- They were also treating the press pool to lunch, some reporters took the president up on his offer of a free lunch others did not.

The visit to Ray's sparked controversy right away because there were conflicting reports of exactly what the president had ordered. Did he have cheddar cheese on his burger? Others swear he ordered a mushroom burger. The issue has yet to be resolved.

All this over-the-top, goo-goo eyed "reporting" and I use the term advisedly, is getting ridiculous. But mercifully, the stories are only one day stories with a short shelf life.

But what would the media be saying if President Obama was a Republican?

Here's how the MSM might cover them:

President Caught Drinking in Georgetown

President Obama secretly sneaked out of the White House with a woman presumably his wife but not confirmed and was later spotted knocking back two martinis in a darkened corner of the Citronelle restaurant. Some patrons who were there said he was also seen smoking a cigarette. The White House would not confirm or deny he went to dinner.

Addiction experts are concerned that the president, who admitted to past recreational drug use and is a closet smoker, might be falling back to old habits under the strain of the job.

Obama Eats Beef Twice in Four Days

A coalition of environmentalists, vegetarians, animal rights and anti-meat activists are outraged that President Obama has eaten beef twice in less than four days.

On Saturday night the President had a steak in a Washington-area restaurant and on Tuesday he had a hamburger at Ray's Hell Burger in nearby Arlington. "We have spent years educating people about the dangers of meat consumption to both humans and cattle", said Butterflys-are-Free Johnson, spokesperson for the group, "And in one week he has undone all this work. We are very angry."

Environmentalists are also concerned about methane gas, which is a greenhouse gas that cows produce from their flatulence. In a written statement the Coalition for a Beef-Free America flatly stated, "The quicker we get people to stop eating beef the better it will be for the environment".

Today on "Today"

On NBC's TODAY show, medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman, said she thought the president was setting a horrible example for America's children. "Childhood obesity is a huge problem in our country today. By his actions, President Obama is telling America's children, 'do as I say not as I do'. This will set back our efforts to get children to eat healthy for decades".

Democrats Demand White House Menus

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she has written a letter to the White House demanding that it turn over all menus and transcripts of meals that President Obama has had since he took office. She is particularly interested in what the president has for breakfast and if he is eating eggs from free range chickens or factory farmed chickens. "Who will speak for the chickens?" she said, "Sadly they have no voice and we want them to know Democrats stand with them''.

The more the mainstream media fawningly and breathlessly covers these trivial matters like the whole water dog business and what the president had for dinner, the more they expose their cheerleading bias. The celebrity gossip approach of their coverage of this president is not good for the country especially during these perilous times.

So put away your pom poms MSM. Get serious and start doing your job--just like you would if President Obama was a Republican.