Hillary Clinton has only one goal, one plan and no idea

A Politico story, headlined “Searching for Hillary Clinton’s Big Idea,” reports that it can’t find one. It dissects the Democratic Party’s debates on topics ranging from income inequality to income inequality and finds her positions are mushy. It concludes that, during a campaign, “the pressure will be on to make clear what she would actually do in the White House.”

That’s easy: She’d live in it. That’s her Big Idea.


The whole point of Hillary Clinton’s existence for the last decade is to be president. She wants to be the second President Clinton, and the first female ever.

Everything that other politicians must do to appeal to voters, including making proposals and outlining the vision thing, are to her mere tactical moves.

She’s Hillary, a celebrity, an icon, a brand, and that’s what she offers voters. Her promise is that, as president, she’ll do the stuff that presidents do. Some things will be different, but not all.

That’s her pitch, and it’s high time Politico and the rest of the jabbering class stop pretending there’s more to it than that. With Hillary, what you see is what you get.

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