Heaven save us from the gospel of Obama: Open your borders and share the wealth

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President Obama’s six-day trip to Saudi Arabia and Europe was an attempt to urge America’s allies to stay united and not give in to fear and populist demagogues. In fact, he demonstrated why the world is turning thumbs down on his leadership.

His pitch to the Brits not to leave the European Union was met with hostility because he was butting into domestic politics. His pitch to the Germans to keep their doors open to refugees was unpopular because they are flooding Europe in numbers too large to assimilate. Saudi royals were proper hosts on the surface, but seethed under their robes at Obama’s courtship of their archenemy, Iran.

At every stop, Obama preached the gospel of Obama, which is: Open your borders and share the wealth. As he put it in Germany, “We cannot allow fears about security and inequality to undermine our commitment to universal values. That is a false comfort.”

Americans have heard that spiel ad nauseam, so it’s only fair that others suffer through it, too. The problem is that everywhere, declining living standards and the rise of Islamic terrorists are fueling a demand for new and different leaders.

The trip reminds again how ridiculous it is that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize soon after taking office. In a better world, the idiots who gave it to him would demand its return.

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