Gutfeld on the crushing of ISIS

I remember like it was yesterday, because, it was… President Trump told the crowd in Lima, Ohio on Wednesday night that, “the Caliphate is gone, as of tonight. Pretty good. That's pretty good, right?”

“Pretty good. That’s pretty good, right?” the president said, and– apparently, it is.

No one likes to say, "Mission Accomplished," but Fox News has learned that the last ISIS stronghold, has been liberated– the repugnant empire that once terrorized over 8 million people is left with 800 yards of turf. For now.


Now – I’m old enough to know that, with terrorism, nothing is really ever over.

Al Qaeda attacked us. We destroyed them.

Then ISIS popped up. We finally destroyed them.

Now Al Queda seems to be resurfacing.

In time, I’m sure, there will something worse than both – marrying technology to terror, creating a spectacle of horror that will remind us how evil, evil can be.

As for Trump - maybe the guy deserves some credit. He said he was gonna do it.  And, for now -- it looks like he kinda did.

And you can get angry about all the mean stuff he says, but all you’re gonna be is angry.

When you should take a moment, and remember back five years ago.

When every week there was a new video of a terrified person in an orange jumpsuit, about to die.

Those were bad, bad times.

They’ve stopped, partly because an orange billionaire tried to fulfill a promise.

Yeah, he says mean things at the wrong time. But if stopping terror means putting a guy in charge who doesn’t care who he offends – sign me up.

I've said it before: Trump is a two-hour drive for one hour at the beach.


You get to the beach and it's great, but you gotta put up with the drive.

This news on ISIS, is the day at the beach -- that made the drive worthwhile.

Adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on March 21, 2019.