Gretchen's Take: Why Hillary Clinton's email situation is so 'murky'

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As we've discussed, the federal law regarding the use of personal email to do government business changed in 2014 after Hillary Clinton left her Secretary of State post. It is now officially illegal to use a non-official email account to conduct public business. Unless an employee copies their official email account on the correspondence or forwards a complete copy of the email to the official account within 20 days.

Still, the law on the books when Clinton was Secretary of State did say agencies allowing employees to do official business on nonofficial email accounts had to ensure that any records sent were preserved in the "appropriate agency record keeping system."  To me, this is where it gets really murky. I think we'd have more confidence that the 55-thousand Clinton emails sent over to the archives in December were all of them if we hadn't just covered the missing Lois Lerner emails from the IRS  for the last few years. And when you add to that ... That apparently Mrs. Clinton or her staff didn't automatically hand over those emails as required but only after requested to do so ... There seems to be a lot more questions still to come. Let me know what you think.