Gretchen's Take: Why early primary states matter

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We saw in the latest Fox News poll on the GOP Presidential candidates that Trump is still on top at 24 percent with Ben Carson not far behind at 23 percent.

But its also interesting to look at individual key states with early primaries:

According to a new CNN-ORC poll, Trump holds double-digit leads over Carson in both South Carolina and Nevada -- the third and fourth states to hold nominating contests -Trump 36 to 18 in South Carolina and 38 to 22 in Nevada.

Trump is also on top when asked about the issues: best to handle the economy - 67 percent in Nevada and 59 percent in South Carolina.
And on illegal immigration - 55 percent in Nevada and 51 percent in South Carolina.

So why are these numbers so important?
Because winning key early primary states is all about momentum and gaining delegates -- and in years past it hasn't been just one candidate coming out on top of all the early primary states. But we're still 5 months away from the first primary state of Iowa ... with time for Trump to maintain his lead or someone else to rise to the top.