Gretchen's Take: Why did it take so long to honor Ft. Hood heroes?

All I have to say is what took so long? It’s embarrassing that it took this long to honor the American heroes who died on November 5, 2009 at Fort Hood -- and those who survived.

What's wrong with our country that we seemingly continued to help the killer -- Major Nidal Hasan -- and not the people who deserved purple hearts so long ago?

What’s wrong?

I say our politically correct White House and military higher ups who allowed the "workplace violence" narrative to go on for more than five years. And that meant our heroes were not eligible for Purple Hearts.

Nidal Hasan yelled, "Allah Akbar" as he slaughtered our heroes and said he did it on purpose to protect Islamic insurgents around the world from what he perceived to be American aggression. There really wasn't any confusion that it was an act of war.

So today -- those who voluntarily sign up to protect and serve for all of us -- finally got their just due. And the only thing that makes me feel better than that is knowing that Hasan will one day get his too -- on death row.