Gretchen’s Take: Who should be counting your calories?

It’s interesting that we're talking about pizza dough today on “The Real Story.” At least one company, Domino's pizza, is having trouble with (and complaining because of) ObamaCare costs. Or shall we say, a different kind of "dough."

And it’s not just for pizza makers across the country. Just this one simple element of ObamaCare could be disastrous for all restaurants.  Why? Because you can't just put out one blanket statement or requirement for everyone. That’s the main problem with trying to have government provide all the answers.

There is no such thing as one fix for everyone. So how much will it cost every restaurant in America to comply with the rules, even if they can figure out what they're supposed to do?

At some point you have to weigh the costs against the benefit -- which in this case would be allowing all Americans to know the calorie counts in everything they eat in a restaurant. You could argue that this kind of responsibility should be up to each one of us -- that as individuals it should be our own personal responsibility to understand what we decide to eat and how many calories that might be.