Gretchen's Take: Trump still going strong by a long shot

Donald Trump is still leading in the polls ... with the most recent one being conducted by Fox News. Check out how it all shakes out now just 10 days after the first GOP debate among Republican primary voters:

Donald Trump is still on top at 25 percent followed now by Dr. Ben Carson --- at 12 percent and then Senator Ted Cruz at 10 percent. It appears the real losers post debate -- Governor Jeb Bush now fourth at 9 percent and Governor Scott Walker now 6th at 6 percent.

The real winner other than Donald Trump? Carly Fiorina jumping from two to five percent.

It's interesting to note the only clear stand outs after round one are the non politicians - non politicos -- obviously striking a nerve with the American people. But I bet what's most surprising to the pundits -- is that even though trump was the only contender on the debate stage to raise his hand saying he'd consider a third party run --- he's still killing it by a long shot with Republican primary voters -- those you'd think would have been offended.

So what does it all mean? That round two will no doubt be as popular as round one.