Gretchen's Take: Polls prove debates matter

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After the first GOP debate on Fox, many pundits believed Carly Fiorina had done well in the earlier debate and that Donald Trump and Marco Rubio had done well in the big show. But while Fiorina got a slight boost in the polls initially and so did Donald Trump, Marco Rubio remained status quo.

But now after the second debate where once again Fiorina and Rubio by many accounts performed well -- the first poll out appears to be playing that out.

Trump is still in the lead -- but down 8 points from earlier in the month from 32 to 24 percent.

Fiorina has skyrocketed to second place from 3 percent in early September to 15 percent now.

..and Marco Rubio now in fourth place up from 3 percent in a previous poll now standing at 11 percent.

While TV interviews and stump speeches matter, it appears at least after this debate -- the American public is looking to the debates for the most important information about the candidates. So mark your calendars: the next GOP debate is October 28th.