Gretchen's Take: Media outlets fueling Trump protesters

A lot has been made over the last 48 hours about the protesters at Donald Trump's campaign rallies, and who we should really blame. Bernie Sanders? Trump? Black Lives Matter? Or the protesters themselves? Also, the protesters come in different varieties -- meaning those who are mostly peaceful and a few who aren't. Case in point, the celebrity driven fame seeking idiot who jumped the stage at the Ohio Trump event on Saturday. His 15 minutes of fame would have evaporated immediately had news outlets not sought him out to get his side of the story. Can you imagine if a protester tried to take down Hillary Clinton at a rally, and the secret service had to jump in to protect her as they did Trump, and then people wanted to herald the guy who put her in danger? Sure, in this country we can all have our own opinions, but we can’t do illegal stuff with the hopes we'll get famous in the process. So for media outlets to honor that is both, hypocritical and indicative that more will happen when others see they too could jump the stage and make a name for themselves.