Gretchen's Take: I've had to dig deep like everyone else

Sometimes people look at public figures and think they haven't had to struggle with adversity - that everything has always come easy.

In my new book "Getting Real" I get very real about failures in my life from struggling as a fat kid to living with the guilt of giving up the violin to getting fired a week after getting married to infertility. I've had to dig deep like everyone else.

I'm also one of the few national TV hosts to speak openly about my faith and defend Christianity on the public stage. Believe me, I get a ton of criticism for that.

One of my judges at Miss America even wrote a scathing tell all book about me the year after I was done, where he called me 'Miss Piggy' throughout -- fat -- and a god clutcher.

Standing up for what you believe is not always the easy track -- but its something I think is worth fighting for in "Getting Real".