Gretchen's Take: I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving

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I love family traditions on holidays. So today, a closer look at a few Presidential Thanksgiving historical tidbits.

For almost all of the Presidents, turkey has been a mainstay, but then it gets a bit more interesting.

In 1909, William Howard Taft enjoyed Thanksgiving with a 26 pound Georgia possum and a 30 pound bird!

Theodore Roosevelt's 1937 menu included curled celery with toast fingers and olives.


The Obama's and the McKinley's served oyster stuffing albeit over a century apart from one another.

And Nancy Reagan was famous for serving "monkey bread", a pull apart bread made up of butter and sugar!

That reminds me of my family's Thanksgiving traditions. We always had Thanksgiving at my apternal grandmother's house with two pies, pumpkin and mince meat. But it was the sauce with the mince meat that made it all go down! Grandma called it "hard sauce", which was basically butter and sugar and oh so good. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow with family and friends and relish in the memories and traditions that make it all so meaningful. Happy Thanksgiving!