Gretchen's Take: Candidates tonight can make a mark

Based on 'The Real Story' question of the day on Wednesday, which is: What issues do you want to see the GOP candidates discuss tonight at the third debate? Since its on CNBC it will no doubt focus on business issues and economics ... and that appears to be what you are interested in as well. With your help from twitter ...

P-Town Patriot says: "The new budget deal".

Leo Sopicki wants to know: "How will you get the nation out of debt?"

Cheryl asks: How to get middle class wages higher, more jobs back in US!"

and from FACEBOOK ... Randy Westbrook wants to hear about the "National right to carry" law.

Recent polls have shown less than 30 percent of Republican voters have actually made up their minds about which candidate they like ... that means there's tons of opportunity for any candidate tonight to make a mark. Don't miss 'The Real Story' tomorrow for full analysis and to see if your questions were asked.