Greg Gutfeld: Why would the media lie like this?

One party is immune to all the rules and one party is subjected to them all

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So for Halloween weekend, what did the Virginia Democrats and the Lincoln Project come as? Racist d------ b---.  Which was easy, because that's what they are in real life. It’s like if Joy Behar went as the Loch Ness monster.

Yes, they did this in a state where its Democrat governor either wore blackface or the KKK hood for fun. That’s a whole lot of racism in one photo. Hard to beat, unless there’s a pic of Farrakhan and David Duke dressed as the Olsen twins 

And now operatives from the disgraced Lincoln Project forced supporters to pretend to be racist fans of Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin. They showed up in khakis and white shirts, you know, the official uniform of the White supremacist or eighth-grade science teachers. They held tiki torches, as a call back to the Charlottesville calamity that left a woman dead. Their goal: a racist smear. 

But remember, this is the pervert-led Lincoln Project – they should’ve lit those torches and used 'em to keep their co-founder away from young men. But this hoax was so lame even Jussie Smollett would say, "Maybe you should think this over." But the morons behind it were so proud, they tweeted about it. Until it all started to fall apart (like a burrito made by a one-armed cook).

People recognized the Democrat hoaxers in the picture. Sad for them: they will probably never work again. Or all be promoted to higher positions. I mean this is the Democrat Party we're talking about. If wearing blackface doesn’t get you fired, what does?

.But they literally tried to smear decent people using a hoax based on a hoax – the widely discredited "fine people" lie – capitalizing on the tragedy of others. Such a stunt should render them less employable than anyone not named Hunter. I mean who will hire people like this? Well, since they’re already dressed for it – maybe The Gap. Or a job at the Department of Transportation, where attendance is not mandatory.

Now if we were CNN, and those people were Republicans – Chris Cuomo would already have doxxed them between sets of dumbbell curls. The name fits. Over at CNN, he let a pair of dumbbells reframe it about Trump:

Chris Cuomo: You're getting crushed, by people, on the right, as a dirty tactic. Do you stand behind what was done? 

Stuart Stevens: The question here is it's not about some guys, who showed up at a rally. It's, why hasn't Glenn Youngkin denounced Donald Trump. 

James Carville: It was to illustrate a point that Youngkin has not denounced Trump.

Talk about an idiot sandwich with the meathead in the middle. But it’s good to see Chris working without a tie. Maybe he lent it to his brother for the court date. Then they can use it to tie his hands down to stop the groping.

But as the hoax unraveled like one of Kat’s weaves caught in a revolving door, Democrat consultant Lauren Windsor confessed on Twitter that she worked with the Lincoln Project to coordinate the hoax. She desperately claimed she was defending democracy from "right-wing extremists," none she could name of course. I mean, if they were real, why make them up?

She didn’t do much of a job, since her angry White men included a Black guy and a woman. The diversity of White supremacy strikes again! I guess you can find White supremacists if you look hard enough.

**Video of a reporter finding White supremacy in everything**

I think Lauren just permanently branded herself a dishonest hoaxer and a liar. Her career's as dead as a shark’s eyes when he’s biting into you. She's Jussie Smollett dead.  Sarah Silverman dead. Her career is so dead, her only hope is a gig with CNN. 

But many Dems fell for it. Like Mr. Fart-for-brains (Eric Swalwell) It makes you realize why he was such an easy target for the Chinese honey pot.  Which I admit, sounds absolutely delicious! He has less control over his senses than his sphincter.

Meanwhile, the media tries to blame Republicans, by focusing on the Lincoln Project – made up of sex pests and unstable ex-Republicans. But not a single person in the tiki photo is a Republican. Everyone’s a Democrat, impersonating their deranged, fever dream of what evil Republicans look like. Their imaginary villains are about as realistic as me playing Tyrus in his life story.

So why would the media lie like this? That's the dumbest question I’ve ever asked. Aside from "Kat, do you know who’s been drinking my rubbing alcohol?" Because if the Dems didn’t know about this hoax – how could they all be young Democratic Party staffers in that picture? Which means the hoax was a democratic effort.

So Trump condemned Nazis; the Dems dress up as them. This is what desperation brings – as parents see McAuliffe for what he really is – a glib, sanctimonious, partisan, elitist hack. You'd find more authenticity from a Milli Vanilli cover band.

So he decided to pull the White supremacist cord. But instead of ruining Republicans, he ruined some naive young Dems, like Manson did with his family of young believers. He let them do the dirty work, while he tried to distance himself afterward.

Now it seems to me that the Lincoln Project should be kicked off Twitter. They used the site specifically to spread a vile hoax that could have sparked racial violence. Maybe it’s me, but isn’t that slightly more incendiary than questioning the science on masks? But will Twitter do that? Unlikely.


But we get it. If any right-wingers did this crap, they'd be banned. Threatened with arrest. Their lives would be done. It's true: one party is immune to all the rules and one party subjected to them all. Except it's no longer working. 

I think we got these losers on the run.

And when we catch them, let's put their tiki torches where the sun doesn’t shine. And I’m not talking about London, Seattle or behind Tyrus.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld's opening monologue on the November 1, 2021 edition of "Gutfeld!"