Gingrich Issues His Marching Orders

By Tommy De SenoAttorney/Writer

Stack 'em, pack 'em, and 'rack em.

That's how the CPAC organizers had to deal with seating conservatives who came to listen to Newt Gingrich today. When the huge main ballroom at the Omni Shoreham was full, they set up live feeds into other ball rooms to handle the overflow.

Starting out philosophically, Gingrich called everyone's attention to the rights endowed by our Creator as noted in the Declaration of Independence: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Then he made sure to note it applies to everyone; not one American should be left out.

Republican Party

Gingrich took his share of partisan potshots but phrased his comments constructively. He was surprised President Obama didn't take on the Democratic Congress for the 8,000 earmarks in the last spending bill. Constructive criticism, but a reminder of the 8,000 earmarks made for a good point too.

He went after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's penchant for "flying private" and the 65 "stand and squats" she did during Obama's address to Congress.

But the bulk of his speech focused on inclusion. He noted the need to reach out to Latinos. Gingrich, like Reagan before him, believes Latinos are a conservative people at heart.

He noted the lack of divisiveness in Reagan's speeches, and how he never missed a chance to appeal to Democrats and independents. He suggested we all do the same with good, constructive ideas.

"Conservatism is bigger than the Republican Party," he said. The idea he set forth is that if we attract people to conservatism, we will grow the party too.

He also spoke of finding people who have left the party and talking to them about why, so we can bring them back.

He noted Republican faults as well, saying we have become the right wing of the party of big government -- with Democrats being the left wing.

He left off with some ideas on issues.

He thinks the Obama policy of "punishing businesses who send jobs overseas" is wrong. Instead, we should reward businesses who create jobs here.

He noted that if we dropped the capital gains tax to zero as China has, suddenly assets in America would be worth a great deal more, which would start the investment America needs right now.

He also wants to see Americans get 50% off their FICA/Social Security taxes, which would instantly jump start consumption and investment.

It was a great speech.

Now it's time for conservatives to march forward with Gingrich's orders.