Gaza strip conflict: War ends with clueless Obama, Kerry as part of blame Israel mob

As the war in Gaza began, I predicted how it would end: with Israel getting all the blame. I was too kind.

In much of the world, Hamas rocket fire and tunnel attacks were ignored as the hostility aimed at the Jewish state reached levels unprecedented in recent times.

The White House didn’t help. By ratcheting up criticism of Israel, and calling one bombing “disgraceful,” President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry inadvertently helped to give license to the displays of anti-Semitism in Europe and elsewhere.


That they didn’t know better reflects their obtuseness about the Mideast and the rise of Islamic fanaticism around the world. Any daylight between friends, especially during a war, causes enemies to rejoice — and fight harder.

Yet both men insist that Hamas deserves to be treated as a worthy partner for peace, despite its pledge to eliminate Israel. They nearly echo Jimmy Carter, who, damn the facts, always manages to put all the onus on Israel.

In truth, most Arab countries know that groups like Hamas and their patron Iran are the greatest threats. They don’t love Israel, but they see it as an ally against a common enemy.

For the better part of 66 years, America also saw Israel as an ally — and much, much more. Now our government is becoming another voice in the mob blaming the Jews.

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