Fools of the Week: Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News

A full two weeks have passed since the accidental whistleblower MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber outed the Obama administration’s underhanded way of getting ObamaCare past the American people.

The lying and cheating that it took to pass was deplorable.

Well, you know about the Gruber tapes (all seven and counting) ... because we, here at Fox News, told you about them.

We showed you the tapes because ObamaCare was a game-changer. It changed the way we interpret the Constitution’s Commerce Clause. And gave the federal government new powers over what they can impose on Americans and you needed to understand how the administration perpetrated the Big Hoax.

In the very prescient words of Vice President Joe Biden: “This is a big F***ing deal!”

But if you’re one of the remaining  few viewers to watch mainstream media, you probably never heard of Jon Gruber or his comment that are lighting up the news world.

Because Brian Williams and his NBC Nightly News has NEVER once mentioned Gruber…

They had time for things like Hello Kitty lollipops at McDonalds...

The dress code for Kate and Prince William’s U.S. visit...

And drones carrying mistletoe!

But no Gruber.

Because you are showing your media bias -- like Madonna shows her lingerie --Brian Williams and the NBC Nightly News, you are the Fools of the Week!