'Fool of the Week': Dr. Tom Frieden

It’s time for another “Fool of the Week." It was yet another week where I had plenty of candidates!

First, there was director Michael Moore who blamed Ebola on Republicans and the NRA.

Then there was author John Grisham, who offered sympathy for child pornography consumers! He even went so far as to suggest that it was by “accident” that these people wandered into porn sites which display images of children engaged in sexually explicit acts.

What a freak!

But, because of an astoundingly foolish move, allowing Ebola Nurse #2 Amber Vinson to board a Frontier Airlines flight just hours after her patient Thomas Eric Duncan died from the deadly disease, and because that foolish move, which prompted three schools in Ohio to close -- and a dozen or so innocent people who happened to come in contact with Nurse #2 to be quarantined -- CDC Director Thomas Frieden, you have truly earned the title of “Fool Of The Week” this week.

We The People are praying… that you’re not the "Fool Of The Week" next week, too, because lives are at stake.