What a week… filled with fools!

There was an abundance of foolishness surrounding the American sniper Chris Kyle.

NBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin invovked the race card regarding Kyle. Fool.

Jesse Ventura called Kyle a liar. (Wow! What a tough guy you are, Ventura. Calling a dead man a liar). Fool.

And more nonsensentical anti-sniper drivel from Michael Moore. Fool.

So, while I was trying to pick the most foolish fool,

Something amazing happened..

Texas governor Greg Abbott declared this coming Monday, February 2,

“Chris Kyle Day.” (Chris Kyle was killed on February 2, 2013 at age 38)

So, in lieu of a fool this week..

Let’s just say thank you to Texas for honoring a real American hero

And what better way to honor his memory than by going to see the movie….

It’s awesome!

By the way… You can catch a tribute to Chris Kyle, Saturday @1130am ET on “Cashin' In.” Heads up, Jesse Ventura, you’re gonna want to see that!