Ed Rollins: Democratic debate a snoozer full of pandering at a time when nation needs this

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When the leadership of the Democratic Party and CNN and Uninavision chose March 15 as the date for their eleventh and hopefully last debate, they certainly could not envision the political environment or the crisis that the nation and the world faced.

Unfortunately for the country, other than a general attack on PresidentTrump and the usual “Go look at my web page to find my solutions,” this could have been any of the earlier debates with all the other candidates thrown in. The earlier ones were much more entertaining than Sunday night's snoozer.

Former Vice President Joe.Biden did better than usual. He probably did enough to continue on his path to the nomination. He didn’t stumble, which we all wait for with great anticipation every time he speaks in public.


Biden did his usual, pandering. A program for everybody. A woman vice president, a black woman on the Supreme Court. Nothing wrong with that, but it might be better if he named who they would be and their qualifications.

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He also laid out many policy issues that Trump and his supporters will hammer him on in a general election campaign. Wide-open borders, for a start. He also continued on his path to take credit for everything President Barack Obama did except choosing him as vice president.

Bernie Sanders is an agent of change who certainly is more knowledgeable about his record and probably Biden's too. Young people who want a revolution have their candidate.

It came down to a two-person show between the two oldest candidates running for the nomination. They sound like old men living in the past. And I say that as an old white man who liked much in the past. Ironically, the man they hope to face off against is now the nation's oldest president.

Of course, all anyone cares about right now is the most complicated crisis ever to face the United States and the world. This is not a world war or even a civil war, both of which we survived, but it is unlike anything any of us have faced in the last half-century.

Biden, if elected, will restore the Democrat agenda. Take care of the lobbyists and refill the swamp. You get the Obama agenda “lite” without the Obama charm.

Our nation's health and economy are at serious risk. Our nation is frightened and the question of presidential leadership is what Sunday's debate was about and it is what the November election will be about. It's not going to be decided about policy. It's about leadership.

Trump is trailing both of these candidates. But the ball is in his court. He has an excellent medical team around him and if he listens to them and gets us through this most difficult challenge, he wins. If he gets distracted, as he often does, it will be a very close race.

I am a Republican supporter of Trump and wouldn’t vote for Biden or Sanders under any circumstance. So my opinion is irrelevant.

Biden, if elected, will restore the Democrat agenda. Take care of the lobbyists and refill the swamp. You get the Obama agenda “lite” without the Obama charm.


I will never forget this debate or this period in history. In spite of it beginning on the Ides of March, the third week in March has always been my favorite week of the year.

First, it contains my birthday, March 19. I will still alive, hopefully,  and well at 77 next Thursday.

Second, as the grandson of Irish Immigrants, St. Patrick’s Day, on the 17th, has always been one of my favorite holidays.


Third, with the birth of my beloved daughter, Lily on the 23rd of March 25 years ago, the week was complete and my life was enhanced with new meaning. I do have to admit her birthday has definitely overshadowed  mine for the last two decades, in the celebration department, as it should.

Equally important, the future is hers. The next president will make critical decisions relative to her future. She loved the debate and will vote for Biden. She and I will discuss politics as always and still love each other and the country we both are privileged to live in.