Did Israel Act Stupidly?

It seems that everybody has jumped on the “I hate Israel” bandwagon these days. The U.N., Turkey, Nicholas Sarkozy and surprisingly even Mr. “Members Only” himself… Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Generally you’d think that if one finds themselves espousing views that follow lock-step with a Holocaust Denier, perhaps they’d take another direction.

Listen, I’m certainly not defending Israel quite yet. I couldn’t do that, as I don’t have all of the facts necessary to make a judgment. Nobody does. That’s the whole point. What we do know is that several Israeli soldiers were seriously wounded, suggesting that this wasn’t a one-sided massacre as some would spin it, but a significant conflict.

Let’s be honest. Historically, Israel is no stranger to conflict. They happen to be good at it. I mean really, really good. It’s for that reason that oftentimes, when Israel finds themselves butting heads with enemy combatants, the death toll tends to be a little one-sided.

Much like when Michael Jordan set foot on the court, or Gretzky touched blades on the ice; it really isn’t even fair to the other players. It’s because of Israel’s efficient and battle-hardened techniques that it’s become quite popular to pre-maturely condemn them.

Hitching oneself to the anti-Israel wagon has become more popular than faux-hawks at a Green Day concert. After all, everybody loves to root for the underdog. Even if the underdog is wrong. The press and mainstream media are fully aware of this, and all too willing to tap into the sentiment. It’s why they’re quick to vilify police officers, hasty to bag on Israel and eager to saddle American viewers with guilt for our country’s success.

I’m not saying that you should support Israel. I’m not even saying that they’re in the right with this conflict. All I’m saying is that before you go pointing the good ol’ “war crime” finger and vilify and entire nation of people… You may want to wait until you get the full story.

… Despite what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Sean Penn will tell you.