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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Eastern Greetings!

Iranian President Ahmadinejad delivering 'spiritual message' on British TV

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  1. Potential Powder Keg in the Middle East

    Iran's weapons declaration sends not-so-subtle message to Israel, U.S.

  2. Message From Mahmoud

    British TV station airs Christmas message from Iran's president

  3. Ahmadinejad Returns Home After U.N. Visit

    Iranian leader wants nations to give Iran nuclear fuel

  4. Mahmoud's Message

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton reacts to Ahmadinejad's General Assembly address

  5. Iran's Role in Afghanistan

    Ahmadinejad denies allegations made in leaked documents of aiding Taliban

  6. Iran Impossible for Media to Cover?

    Juan Williams on conflicting reports constantly filtering out of rogue Islamic republic

  7. Off Again, On Again

    After much back and forth, Iranian president sits down with Fox News

  8. Afghan Withdrawal Backfire

    Worries of Afghanistan, Iran's relationship post U.S. withdrawal

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  10. Child Martyrs?

    Iranian youths request to be suicide bombers in Israel

  11. The One Thing: 2/1

    With a federal budget this big, is your freedom safe?

  12. U.S. Strikes Down Deal With Iran

    Brother of American held in Iran reacts to State Department's refusal to negotiate with the rogue nation for release of U.S. hikers

  1. Setbacks for Iran's Nuclear Program

    Regime's nuclear program faces challenges

  2. Iran's Cultural Revolution?

    Showdown in Iran: A look at how we got here

  3. Obama: Right Side of History

    President defends administration's handling of Egypt

  4. Last Straw?

    Donohue: Pro-Ahmadinejad event in New York City 'obscene'

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  6. Loose Cannon

    How should the United Nations deal with Iran and threats made by its president?

  7. Ominous Warnings from Iranian President

    Ahmadinejad threatens harsh blow to world powers on Feb. 11

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