Christopher Steele, (the former British spy hired by Hillary Clinton to basically spread bogus information about the Trump team in the form of a dossier which was then used to spy on them) has agreed to be questioned by U.S. investigators.

It's convenient that Steele chose to speak right after the president gave Attorney General William Barr the authority to declassify any documents related to surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016.

The depth of Steele’s depravity is going to come out into the open once we see the declassified documents.


These are the questions Steele should be asked:

Question number one: According to the notes Kathleen Kavalec in the State Department took when she spoke with you, you cited former Russian foreign intelligence chief Vyacheslav Trubnikov and Putin aide Vladislav Surkov – as sources. What was your relationship with Trubnikov and Surkov?

This is critical. Trubnikov was close to Putin and Surkov has been described as the Russian president’s ideological architect. Why was Steele dealing with Trubnikov and Surkov either directly or through a third party? What was their relationship?

Question number two is an obvious corollary to that. If you were getting information from a former high-level Russian intelligence operative did you ever consider the possibility that this was a calculated disinformation effort designed to sow chaos?

Question number three: Why couldn't you recall your own story just eight days after the October 8th meeting with the State Department's Kathleen Kavalec and what were you even doing at the State Department?

In that meeting Steele specifically stated that Michael Cohen went to Prague to arrange the collusion scandal and get paid for it.

Yet days later Steele wrote a memo for the dossier, that states that his sources did not know where the Cohen meeting happened.

This leads me to wonder, is it possible Steele didn't even write the dossier?

Question number four: Did the FBI interview your sub-sources?

Steele cites Trubnikov and Surkov as his sources of information. Did he know that Trubnikov was also teaching a course at Cambridge University in the UK with Stefan Halper, the same spy whom the CIA was using to spy on George Papadopoulos and the Trump team?

Is there a connection between Steele, Hakluyt (the private intelligence firm over in London,) Halper and Trubnikov? Were they all working in one big circular firing squad to shuttle around the same information and to make it look corroborated? Was this all one big setup? Did the FBI interview the sub-sources in January and is there a “302” -- an FBI summary -- of that interview?

Last question: After you were terminated by the FBI and your services were no longer required or to quote their exact terminology “not suitable for use” in November of 2016 - who tried to bring you back in and what was their stated reason?


Why did the FBI, after they deemed you not suitable for use, try to bring you back in as a source and all of a sudden deem you suitable for use again? Were they paying you again?

These area all interesting questions and they need to be asked. Let’s hope we get answers because our nation needs to know the truth.