College commencement season 2014: An epidemic of liberal intolerance

A former secretary of state, the head of the International Monetary Fund and a human-rights activist are effectively blocked from speaking at top universities because some students and faculty don’t approve of their politics, but a satanic cult got a green light for a “black mass” at Harvard.

No need to ask who’s running the asylum. The inmates are firmly in charge.

Spring madness on campus is marked this year by an epidemic of liberal intolerance. Protesting an invited speaker is one thing; demanding the invitation be withdrawn is quite another.


But such is the closed mindset of radicals whose sensibilities are so tender that they cannot abide any ideas that do not conform to their own. Even worse are the spineless university officials who surrender to the tiny mobs. They are guilty of malpractice for teaching whiners that they can win by threatening to spoil graduation.

So Condoleezza Rice is hung out to dry before withdrawing from Rutgers’ commencement, and IMF chief Christine Lagarde makes the same decision after a mere 500 Smith College students signed a petition against her appearance. Poor Ayaan Hirsi Ali, previously threatened with death for criticizing Islam’s treatment of women, didn’t get a choice at Brandeis University, with quisling officials rescinding their offer of an honorary degree after protests.

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