After almost two long years of a baseless and absurd investigation of the false claim that the Trump presidential campaign colluded with Russia to put Donald Trump in the White House, the president’s enemies want yet more investigations.

Instead of doing their jobs to legislate, Democrats now in control of the House of Representatives want to investigate, investigate and investigate every aspect of Trump’s life indefinitely.

Trump’s enemies are frantically engaged in a desperate search for something – anything – to pin on the president to prevent his re-election next year.


The real collusion taking place is between Democratic politicians, much of the media, and the entrenched federal bureaucracy of the deep state. They want to keep the president from carrying out his duties and working to Make America Great Again.

These real colluders will say and do just about anything to block Trump from any achievements, in service of their goal of making him a one-term president. Sadly, they hate President Trump more than they love our country. It is disgraceful how they put politics ahead of patriotism.

The Trump enemies don’t care that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has concluded that President Trump was telling the truth when he said over and over again that “there was no collusion” between his campaign and Russia.

The anti-Trumpers don’t care that Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein – hardly a Trump fan – have concluded after reading Mueller’s report that President Trump should not be charged with obstruction of justice.

The real colluders directly interfered with the November midterm elections and now want to do the same with the 2020 elections.

Their goal is not just to replace President Trump with one of the far-left radicals now seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. They also dream of winning back control of the Senate and holding onto their House majority.

You don’t need a brilliant sleuth like Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the claims of Trump-Russia collusion were false. The bumbling Inspector Clouseau could have figured it out.

Having Democrats control both houses of Congress and the White House would be a nightmare.

Are we really ready for the creation of the United Socialist States of America? Sky-high taxes and economic failure like that experienced by Venezuela and Cuba in our own hemisphere, North Korea on the other side of the world, and the old Soviet Union and its former Eastern European communist satellite states?

You don’t need a brilliant sleuth like Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the claims of Trump-Russia collusion were false. The bumbling Inspector Clouseau could have figured it out.

The Mueller investigation was launched based on the so-called Steele dossier, a work of fiction put together as part of a political plan designed to spread disinformation about then-candidate Trump. While it was born out of Republican opposition to Trump, the fake dossier was picked up and paid for by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

FBI officials who were appalled at the prospect of Trump becoming president then began their investigation to keep Trump from being elected. Texts between FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who were engaged in an extramarital affair, confirm their intense hatred of Trump and determination to prevent him from being elected.

At the same time, Obama administration Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey colluded to make sure Hillary Clinton wasn’t charged with a crime for her improper handling of classified government emails on an unsecure private computer server. They were determined not to derail Clinton’s candidacy because they wanted her to defeat Trump in the election.

From the book “Shattered: Inside Hilary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” we learn that 24 hours after Trump won his upset election victory over Clinton her top campaign officials huddled to create the narrative that the election was not on the “up and up” and help launch the Russia collusion story.

The media were complicit in all of the above by refusing to investigate, and by refusing to incorporate these facts into their reporting.

Think of the massive media coverage and commentary across all platforms devoted to repeatedly accusing President Trump of being loyal to the Russian government.

Think about the use of the FBI – our premier law enforcement agency – to lend credibility to a phony investigation.

Think of all the Republicans saying “we have to let the process play out” – leading Americans to wonder if Trump may have been involved in any wrongdoing.

As soon as the Steele dossier was revealed to be a politically paid-for document, the Mueller investigation should have been brought to a halt. No more subpoenas, no more witnesses, nothing. Case closed! There is no opposing argument that carries any weight.

But there is a countervailing truth. The Mueller investigation was never really about Russian collusion. It was about a political establishment that got its face slapped by an outsider who ran against everything the establishment stands for, and instead embraced traditional American values and wanted to serve the American people unselfishly.

When Trump won his surprise victory, his enemies were determined to not let that victory stand.

Over the last few days, people have been asking me if I’m happy that the president has finally been cleared of wrongdoing. Of course I’m glad an innocent man has been cleared. But I’m also angry about the process we’ve gone through and saddened that only conservatives can seem to take joy in winning a battle that should never have been fought.

In the Mueller probe and the FBI inquiry that preceded it, the rule of law was hijacked by using our government investigators to pursue an inquiry of accusations against President Trump they knew to be false.


I knew the Mueller report would ultimately clear the president of collusion. I’m angry that the investigation didn’t stop the minute it was learned that the foundation of the allegation was bogus.

I agree with those now demanding new investigations into the real perpetrators of election tampering – the anti-Trump colluders. It’s fine for the Senate to hold hearings, but I want criminal investigations as well.

I’m concerned about the integrity of American elections. The Trump-haters already successfully altered one in 2018. They cannot be allowed to do it again in 2020.